teawesome Modern Taiwanese Tea Culture

teawesome aims to represent an authentic introduction to modern Taiwanese tea culture by offering a variety of freshly brewed beverages and creative snacks.

The teawesome concept is based on the hugely popular tea shops originating in Taiwan, and now achieving international renown with Taiwanese tea shops popping up in locations such as London, Australia and the United States.


Founded in 2015 15th April

Specialise In:

Traditional Taiwanese Tea and Juice


Not only the unique Taiwanese influence, but each beverage is uniquely tailored

Good Times

Spend time with Family or Friends


High quality natural ingredients

TeAwesome's focus is strongly on natural and fresh ingredients, using natural flavours such as freshly squeezed juices and pulp, freshly brewed tea, and natural sweetners.

Our high quality teas are imported directly from the best tea plantations in Taiwan and Japan and our Rooibos is locally sourced. All teas are freshly brewed in-store throughout the day, every day.

teawesome - Want more? Get more!

A Traditional Taiwanese Tea and Juice Bar where one can casually spend time with family or friends whilst enjoying each sip of what we have to offer.